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Join our community to unlock your greatest asset and welcome paying guests into your home.

How does it work?


  How will I receive my payment?

You will receive your payment to your selected payment of method; by PayPal, Bank Direct Deposit or Direct Transfer

  How I will charge my travelers?

Samaway has the option to charge the traveler the full amount of the package or only a deposit. Samaway keeps 1% of the total cost of the package and payout the remaining amounts to the vendor every 15 days.

The vendor will follow up with the traveler to collect any remaining amount which hasn't collected on

  How do I add packages?

The vendor has to register first then login to the vendor account to add the package details, images, Itinerary, departure locations, prices, deposit required...etc

  How do I update or extend my availabilities?

From your vendor side, you have the option to add more availability time, locations, prices and places

  How do I increase conversion rate?

You can share your packages on social media, send direct emails and perform any type of lawful advertising to your packages.

Samaway mainly objective is to bring quality travelers and introduce them to your packages 


  What is your website costs the vendor? charges the vendor only 1% of the total price of the package

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